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Baby-wipe Cases, Peg Hooks and More

     Looking for a unique personal gift for a baby shower or for your own baby? Here is a great alternative to the generic wipe cases! These baby-wipe cases are custom made for you! You choose the color and theme. These are made from durable Huggie wipe cases and as always, custom orders are always welcome!



PictureFrames/1.JPG PictureFrames/2.JPG PictureFrames/3.JPG PictureFrames/4.JPG
PictureFrames/5.JPG PictureFrames/6.JPG PictureFrames/7.JPG PictureFrames/8.jpg
PictureFrames/9.JPG PictureFrames/10.JPG PictureFrames/11.JPG PictureFrames/12.JPG
PictureFrames/13.JPG PictureFrames/14.JPG PictureFrames/15.JPG PictureFrames/16.JPG
PictureFrames/17.JPG PictureFrames/18.JPG PictureFrames/19.JPG

     Great for a Nursery, Child's room, Bathroom, or any fun themed room. Hang those towels, bathrobes, bags, hats, jackets, sweaters and baseball caps. These peg hooks, like everything else, can be made to match any room colors and come ready to hang with key hole anchors attached to back.

PegHooks/tree_night_light_012__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/space_peg_blue_royal_002_1___640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hooks_new_style_004__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hooks_new_style_001__640x480_.JPG
PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_016__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_014__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_013__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_011__640x480_.JPG
PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_009__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_005__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_006__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/peg_hook_on_floor_004__640x480_.JPG
PegHooks/nicole_2010_013__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/nicole_2010_010__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/nicole_2010_009__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/nicole_2010_007__640x480_.JPG
PegHooks/new_flower_peg_hooks_and_light_designs_008__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/mermaid_001__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/Koa_box_and_Forrest_hook_024__640x480_.JPG PegHooks/il_fullxfull_166865200__640x480_.jpg
PegHooks/il_fullxfull_162562901__640x480_.jpg PegHooks/DSC08616.JPG PegHooks/DSC08533.JPG PegHooks/DSC08530.JPG

     We have accessories that include just what you need to store all your bows and clips as well as plaques that give a unique and personalized touch to any room.



Plaques/ladybugboard.JPG Plaques/sailboatboard.JPG

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